CSU Drainage Improvements

SILD Field Notes

SILD was the selected general contractor on this project, located on the campus of Charleston Southern University. The goal of this project was to increase drainage capacity of existing storm drain, while adding additional drainage to the campus. The existing 3 acre drainage lake, had to be lowered several feet in elevation, to deepen the lake. While raising the sides and surrounding areas, to increase volume. The entire lake had to be pumped dry, while storm drain flow was diverted by pumps, and the lake was excavated per plan. A new earthen dam was constructed at the upper end of the lake, with new outfall structures on both sides of the lake.  An additional drainage pond was added by the softball facility, and additional drainage was installed to connect the new pond. Utility work consisted of relocating water services, coordinating gas main deflections, bypasses, and relocating telecommunication. The campus water main was shut down, removed, and reinstalled at a lower elevation, to allow the new drainage system to connect to existing drainage. 

CSU Health Science Building Expansion

Charleston Southern University officially broke ground for an additional Health Science building on January 28, 2019. The 13,272-square-foot building is an expansion to the first Health Science building (built in 2017 and opened in 2018) to accommodate the growing Health Science programs at CSU, including the future Doctor of Physical Therapy.

“The expansion allows CSU to continue growing our rigorous health science programs and prepare graduates with advanced skills as they serve the Lowcountry and beyond,” said Dr. Scott Yarbrough, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs for Compliance and Student Success. The building expansion will include several student and research labs, as well as study rooms, offices and a lounge. CSU expects to complete the project by the end of December 2019.

Site Photos

Recent Projects

CSU Science Building

SILD was selected as the site contractor for CSU’s new Science & Engineering Building by Trident Construction.

Crescent Cove Villas

SILD took the heavily wooded tract to 60 completed building pads with necessary roads, utilities and drainage to begin construction.